Saturday, July 29, 2006

This gotta work

 I've been using opera for the past 5 years and the only complaint with it was the ads.
But now with it's 10th anniversary they removed it and with this they have intensified the browser wars which was previously being fought between IE and The fox.
Now it is gr8 to be a customer when all the companies are falling and tripping to catch the attention of ours.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Microsoft to the rescue ? (or is it)

 Though I cannot imagine using Win 98, but MS's announcement to stop providing support to
 Win 98 family of OSes will prove to be a bane for some of it's userbase in the Western countries.
Though shameful, but here in India most copies of that are bootlegged.
          Now, it don't matter to these people because the ain't getting no updates.
So why am I writing this ?
I've been reading a lot about MS bashing by the people and that I don't find feasible because
after all they gave us, their newest OS Vista will be over user-friendly and will demand
it's pound of bleeding edge hardware to render it.
Remember the early days of Win 98, they to sent the oldies(hardware) to their graves
  So please stop this rant about MS being a @#%&* company and get on in life.

Oh, btw I'm not a MS shill nor do I work for them. All I thought was that MS deserved something better than being mauled and hauled by us all.